The Best App For Business Automation

The most innovative system on the market. Otto is time and user friendly. It is cost effective. Most importantly, Otto is totally automated!!

OTTO Has Amazing Features.

Companies love this app because it takes control of many tedious workplace tasks making it the most innovative system of its kind.

Automatic Employee Scheduling

Managers enter employee information and location parameters and Otto automatically schedules all employees accordingly

Automatic Clock-in/Clock-Out

Employees enter the job location and Otto automatically clocks them in to the system and also manages lunch breaks.


Employees and managers are notified of newly generated work schedules at the beginning of each work week.

Request Time Off Within App

Employees can request time off by using the Otto App. Managers can approve or deny requests using a special app for managers or using the online system.

Monitor Expenses

Each day Otto generates an overview of all expenses. Owners can monitor amounts that are spent daily, weekly, and eventually output yearly totals.

Mobile & Online Interface

Handle all functions from your pocket. All of your scheduling tools are easily accessible from iPhone & Android device. Make schedules and fill shifts up to 3 months at a time.

Blazing fast app lets you speed Through

The world of management is an ever-evolving field. In many work places, the days when managers were office and desk bound are merely pleasant memories. Today, managers are out on the floors, in the trenches, assisting the employees they manage as the need requires. Most managers don't mind, since a good manager's goal is to make sure the job is completed in the most efficient, timely and cost effective manner.

Increase Productivity

The best manager is only one person. Added responsibilities leave less time to handle other duties, such as scheduling, staffing, employee attendance and performance.

Fast and Easy Setup

It takes only a couple minutes to set up your account and start managing your team. Otto is simple, even if you’ve never worked with similar apps before.

Improve Communication

Otto will promote better communication with your team members. Keep everyone on the same page to avoid scheduling confusion and boost team morale through simple and effective online communication.

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